Which is the best Muslim Organisation in India

Bismillahir Rahmanirraheem
Assalam O Alaikum,Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,
Which is the best muslim organization in India????????????????????
The fact is that this Question itself is not correct ..............WHY ????????????????
If I ask a question……Which one is best????????????
1.       Heart Specialist......
2.       Brain Specialist.....
3.       ophthalmologist (eye specialist)......
4.       ENT specialist.....
5.       Nephrologist (Kidney specialist)......
6.       Pediatrician (child Specialist)..............................etc…….
Every person will consider this as a foolish question…………………………………………..
All Doctors have its role and importance. If you are suffering from eye disease for you there is role of Heart specialist is minimal he cannot do Eye Surgery…………But they are complimentary to each other. For complete well being and health of a person and society everyone is required and their should be    co-operation, suggestion helping and advising each other in hospital but no unhealthy competition…………

Similarly Islamic fields are very vast and broad. And organisation working in different field.............

Some of the fields are........
2.Dawah among Non Muslim
3. Effort for Muslim deeni  and Wordly education.Madarsas,Schools,colleges.medical collrges   etc
4. Work for economic upliftment. Not only for well being but in many case Poverty becomes a reason for leaving the fold of Islam.
5. Their Political representation  and to raise voice in case of oppression.......................
And so on and so................

Organisations are working in different field. So there is no point of comparison rather Co operation and support appreciation to each other work Required.........


Islamic Dawah and Tabligh (Calling towards Allah) It has TWO fronts

A.       Dawah,Tabligh among Non Muslims

1.A key work for whole Ummat e Muslima is to spread the last message of Allah to mankind. No more prophet will come it is our duty to reach whole humanity with mercy love and compassion otherwise they will go in hellfire for ever and ever. 

2.Prophet S.A.W. cried at the death of a jew. Always remaining eager to reach to people. 

3.When prophet was doing Hijrah their was two route to Madeenah.He was informed that on one these route two Highway robbers are there.Prophet clearly told that I will go by this route.And Alhamdulillah both accepted Islam.

4. So it is very Important work. And who soever person /organization is doing this work with Ikhlas is very fortunate person and no one can Imagine his/their status in the eyes of Allah.

b.    Dawah,Tabligh among Muslims. 

1.According to Quran and Ahadith Very Important requirement is for Dawah Tabligh and Islah among Muslims. Caring for Muslims Deen is very important otherwise numerous instances are there in which Muslims has left Islam.
It is not only for poor that leave Islam Rather many well educated people of high strata everywhere specially in west easily do it for materialism or for avoiding any hardship in society.
They should be taught the example of Bilal and Suhaib how they resisted the society pressure and remain steadfast on Islam.

 and some time more important than Dawah to Non Muslims. as Allah pak said in Surah Abas (Surah Frowned).

2.      Once Prophet was busy in talking with the Non Believers of Makkah at that time Abdullah ibne Maktoom R.A. who was a blind came asking a question about Deen. As prophet was busy in giving Dawah to Non Muslims and was anxious that they should accept islam. He did not give attention to Abdullah R.A. who was already Muslim and was seeking a question about Islam. Prophet gave priority to Non Muslim. 
3. Allah Pak send Wahi Abasa Watawalla................

Translation.........Ayah 1-9

He (the Holy Prophetfrowned and turned his face, [I] because the blind man came to him! [21 And what could tell you (0 Holy Prophet about the prospects of the blind man?) May be, (if you had attended him properly,) he would have attained purity, [3] or have taken to the advice, and the advice would have benefited him. 141 As for the one who does not care (about faith), [51 you are anxious to pursue him, [61 while there is no blame on you, if he does not attain purity. [71 As regards the one who has come to you rushing eagerly, [8] while he fears (Allah), [91 to him you pay no heed!

Commentry from Mariful Quran

An Important Quranic Principle of Teaching and Preaching 
      On this occasion, the Holy Prophet SAWS was faced with two different required to teach a Muslim and to encourage him on attaining perfection. On the other hand, he had to provide guidance to non-Muslims. 

The principle laid down here makes it clear that the first requirement takes priority over the second one. It is improper to delay the first task (educating Muslims) because of the second task. 

This indicates that education of Muslims and their reform are more important than, and take priority over, getting the non-Muslims to embrace the faith. 


 1.DAWAH and Tabligh among Non Muslim and among Muslism both are of Prime Importance.

2.People working in different field should not be compared.Their field is different and both are vital.

3. Rather they should co operate and appreciate each other. And mistakes if any should be pointed in best possible manner.

4.Both needs special attention. So Whosoever has selected his field. He should do it with Sincerity and Ikhlas.

(WE WILL COME TO DIFFERENT FIELD INSHA Allah To be continued Insha Allah)