Collectiveness of Ummah is key of Prophet Mission of Dawah Manhaj

The Holy Prophet (sallallahu a'laihe wasallam) put all the Ummat to migration and motion:
 See the lives of the Saha'aba (radiyallahu anhum); 

  1. A'mr Bin Jamooh (r.a); he was lame by birth, and got martyrdom in the battle of Uhud with his keen desire. 
  2. Their old are in motion: Abu Ayub Ansari (r.a); he died at the age of 95 while in the sea-travel of the Jihad of Turkey. 
  3. Their children are in motion: Ma'az and Mu'waz (r.a); they killed Abu Jahl in the battle of Badr. 
  4. Their newly-married are in motion: Hanzlah (r.a); he had just left the bed of his wife and was about to take bath when he heard the news of defeat in Uhud, thus with sword in hand he rushed the battle-field and fought till dealth. 
  5. Their women are in motion; Safiyaah (r.anha); she killed a spying Jew with giving a blow of a tent-peg on his head. 
  6. Their rich are in motion; Abdul Rhaman Bin A'uf (r.a); he was the richest of all the Muslims.
  7. Their poor are in motion: Mus'ab Bin Umair (r.a); he was brought up in luxury and comfort but did not have sufficient cloth even to cover his dead body. In short, all the Ummat was in the state of migration and motion... 
  8. So much motion made the sah'aba (r.a) for deen - so much that they were born at some place, worked for deen at some other place, and their graves are at some different place. 
  9. Hazrat Bilal (radiyallahu anhum) - born in Abyssinia, suffered hardships for deen in Makkah and made and made efforts for deen in Madinah, and died in Damascus (Syria).
  10. Abu Ayub Ansari (r.a) - born in Madinah, traveled long way for deen by sea, and his grave is in Constantinople (Turkey).
  11. Graves of 10 sons of Hazrat Abbas (r.a) are in 10 different countries. In those days, there was a common atmosphere of migration and motion... 

'''Secondly, in collectiveness is the soul of this Ummat. That is, walking along with others, and walking by taking others with us. All the Ummat used to rise up on one voice... If these two things and this style of working (methodology) regains life, deen will spread before our eyes... As Allah had made the sun the means of emerging heat. So has he made the effort of the Holy Prophet (sallallahu a'laihe wasallam) the mean of spreading deen in the entire world..."

(Maulana Muhammad Jameel Sahib said in a speech)

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