Will Hanafi Salafi Ahle Hadith Deobandi Barelvi Group fighters understand? Difference of Opinion and Difference of Heart

Assalam o Alaikum,
Because of our short sightedness many a time we are not able to understand very clear things.
Some of my friends are now a days busy with a heart breaking discussion on Wheather an Imam of fiqh should be followed or not. A easy understandable matter has been made an issue of discord.
We are busy in discussion but should stop and ask some question from our self.
Did I pray Fajr today?

Did I pray Five times with Takbeer e oola today?
Did I pray tahajudd today?
How many verses of Quran i recite everyday?
Did I pray all my sunnah prayers?
How many verse did i memorize?
Am I safe from some of major sins like 1. Lustful Gaze  2. Backbitting 3. Am I seeing Film 4. Am I listening Music that is Haram
First internally check the above questions, then lets start questioning about imam abu hanifa RA./Imam Shafaee/Imam Malik/Imam Ahmad/Imam Ibne Taimmiya etc
La hawla wala quwatta illa billah

Instead of breaking each other heart we could have done many good work. These matter should be left to Ulema /Scholars only.

It is not difference of opinion Rather it is becoming difference of Heart that is creating Problem.Difference of opinion was in Sahaba also but not difference of heart.
Below some of the words of Slafus salehin.It will increase our understanding of the issue.
May Allah help us
Some Of The Quotes Of Salafussalehin & Great Scholars

Imam Abu Haneefah about Fiqh/Jurisprudence
"Ours is no more than an opinion. We do not oblige or coerce anyone into accepting it. Whoever has a better judgment, let him advance it." [ Al Intiqaa', 140.]

Imam Ibne Taimmiya about Fiqh/Jurisprudence
Translated from FATAWA Ibne Taimiyya R.A. Vol 2 Page 201-202 
Translated by Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi R.A. in book Tareekh dawat o Azeemat vol 2 page no 340-341

Imam Shafaee about Imam Abu Haneefah
"All are children of Imam Abu Haneefa in matter of Jurisprudence"

Imam Ibne Qadama Muqdasee in book Lamatul Etaqad (page 83)
…….to connect oneself in peripheral issues with an Imam like four school of Jurisprudence, and to attach with them is not condemnable as differences in peripheral issue is Rahmat, and Mujtahedin are to be prised even in differences and to get reward for Ijtahad.
There difference on any issue among them is indication of (from Allah side) wasee (broad) Rahmat.
 And their (four Imas) Ittefaq o Ijma (unanimity) on any issue is itself a final and final (Qataee Qataee 2 times) argument.
Imam Ibne Qadama Muqdasee in book Lamatul Etaqad (Last page 83) translated from urdu translation  published from Saudi Ministry department of Dawat Ifta Wal  Irshad department Saudi Arabia  1419 Hijri.

Famous Jurist Shaykh Khatib Al-Baghdadi writes:"As far as the Islamic rules are concerned, there are of two types. The first are those which are known by necessity to be part of the Deen of the Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam like the five prayers, Zakaat, fasting in Ramadhan, Hajj; the prohibition of adultery, wine and so on. Taqleed is not allowed in these issues since they are such that everyone should know and understand. The second type are those rules which need to be understood and extrapolated such as the details of the rituals of worship, transactions and weddings, for example, Taqleed is allowed    in     these        issues since        Allah       says:"So ask the people of remembrance if you know not." (Surah Al-Nahl: 43)Al-Faqih wal Mutafaqqihah - page 67, vol.2 printed by Darul Iftaa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Faisal Award winner Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi ( Ali Miyan) R.A. in his book Tareekh e dawat o Azeemat   (The saviors of Islamic sprit in English)
 “Islam has expanded  to a vast and fertile areas of Syria, Iraq, Egypt and other African countries,Iran and central Asia. Administration of country, Maashrat, business, has reached to a complex situation. And it was urgent need to extraction and ISTANBAT and interpretation of the fine details of these principles. For this important job a very deep knowledge and understanding of Quran and sunnat and its practical application to the current situation were required.”

“It was bounty from Allah and pinnacle of destiny (IQBAL MANDI) of ummate muslima that muslims got people of special qualities for this important job.

Tareekh e dawat o Azeemat vol 1(page 80-81) {its English translation The saviors of Islamic sprit Vol1 .}

Quotes From this Book………………….
 “………Taqleed of four Imams Is based on Sound Principles of Islam, Safer and Rational and obvious choice. It is Closest To Quran And Sunnah as It Is Based On Deep Research By Scholars Of Undisputed Integrity And Has Been Rigorously Scrutinized By Scholars Throughout Its Development And Evolution that’s why Hadith Scholars like Ibne Hajar Asqalani, Imam Nawwi, Imam Tahawi and Ibne Kathir chose  to  do Taqleed one     of four Imams………………..”

“At the same time
…………if any muslim choose not to follow any of the four Imam and decides to derive rules directly from Quran and Hadith by his own research. Although it is difficult decision with many risks but he can prove his decision. So it is his decision and no one should make it an issue except counseling him with sincere advice. And anyway criticizing or bashing anyone is not good thing in the light of Quran and Hadith. And mere criticism does not solve any purpose and results more reaction than any good…………………”

Many of the quotes has been taken from book available on this link.

May Allah help all of us.

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