Generat Muslim asking with respect from Ulema what is Truth

Assalam o alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

1.Everyone is aware that Muslim groups remain fighting each other on the name of Islam on internet.In this era  facebook You tube and group affliated forums on the name of Islam has compounded the Problem and has made it worst.

2.Great Ulemas are not on the scene in this group fighting anywhere specially not on internet.You will never see head/Amir/president of  .......Salafi  group is discussing arguing with head of ........Hanafi group. Rather they have mostly harmonious relation and respect each other. They sit together and praise each other in meetings like All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Rabita Alame Islami, World Muslim League. I am giving some example these are only examples same cases are found in all groups....................Name only for example purpose story is more or less same with other groups.
3.Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi and Sheikh Abdullah Ibne Baaz Rahimullah used to co chaired the meetings of Rabita Alam e Islami.
 But if you listen the urdu talk of Meraj Rabbani Sb etc he will describe sheikh Abul hasan Ali Nadvi Rahimullah as worst kind of Bidati, Gumrah, deviated Aqeedah/ Whatever  he can describe etc. Indirectly it proves that Sheikh Abdullah Ibne Baaz Rahimullah could not differentiate between a person of wrong Aqeedah and Meraj Rabbani Sb did this.
3. He is given key of Kaba and allowing person of his choice to enter into Kaba same person is branded Deviated/Sufi/Tableeghi/Ashari/having waseela as permissible etc............WHAT IS THIS?????????
4. Imam e Kaba visits Darul Uloom Deoband and Praise them with beautiful word, Another Imam e Kaba visits Madarsa in South Africa and praise Tablighi Jamaat, .....................Meraj Rabbani Sb aur Tauseefur Rahman Sb is blaming Deoband and tableegh as doing shirk............That means Imam e Kaba is not only agree but praising people of shirk........................

WHAT IS THIS??????????????
WHO ARE THESE????????????????

Another set of People on Internet/Facebook/ You tube videos

 Those are on facebook even their real Identity is unknown the manner they put Postings and comments, at times what to talk about Muslims even a gentle non believer will not do in that manner and words.

3.There are Mostly Non-Ulema/Non scholars, those representing are general flag bearers and some of the orators on You tube/(Internet Sheikhs).We call them internet sheikhs because most of this group debators otherwise has no place in terms of knowledge of Quran and Hadith even in their group but on internet they are presenting as Shykhul Islam/Shykhul Hadith/Allama/Great Mufti.

4.The controversial topic among major groups are hardly 15-20...... but theyy always remain on viscous cycle.Again and again they will come in different form.Group are represented by less knowledgeable/ Incompetent flag bearers whose main aim is to malign/to down other group instead of positive approach and giving the space where difference of opinion is natural and allowed.

4. Take an Example ..... Prophet S.A.W. hand Position in Prayer varied at different point of time so Ahadith mentioned by different Sahabah are also different as they saw prophet at different point of time.....So difference will be natural and difference of opinion is permitted according to Hadith of Bukhari..................Now what happens Groups present Selective Quran Ayats /Hadith to public that suits their interpretation.
They conceal Ahadith that present other Point of view.
Or if they present they wrongly classify Hadith as weak even if Great Scholars of Hadith has authenticated it.....Just to prove that their point is correct and others are wrong.

5. Our request is that in the matter of difference of opinion see the complete and Holistic Picture of Ahadith and see the evidence of other group also.This will decrease the mistrust and jealousy between groups that consider others Imams opinion as wrong and baseless.

6. If you are agreed with our point of view spread this take home message to everyone in your contact and share it on face book/Internet forums. If not agreed please write us as comment in any of the post and suggest the correct thing and point out the mistakes.

7. Obviously certain things like Grave worship and associated things has no approval from anyway and will not come in this category and we should stop it by all effort.

Experience (after doing unbiased study of contentious and controversial issues and their confirmation from original sources) indicates that most of the differences (those differences that are not anyway RAHMAT)among mainstream muslim groups have common reasons of mistrust/communication gap/no one is having time (concern) to confirm from original sources before believing and spreading misinformation and misprojection about each other.

Generally muslims donot know the basis/reason for these differences so they remain unable to quantify the scale of difference,and Iblees always present it at much larger scale than original.
They are misprojected at greater magnitude in quality and quantity than the actual difference.
Our Approach
1. On every issue there are two facets.We will present the Evidence and Point of Both side.
2.For eg Position of Hand in Prayer we will present all the Ahadith on this along with their authenticity discussion.So that general muslim could gain the correct complete and Holistic picture.
3.Will work with the intention of doing something for the unification of ummah/decreasing gap and mistrust/fighting between muslim groups and individual.

4.As Allah Pak has said in Surah Al Imran (And hold on to the cord of Allah, all of you, and be not divided .(Ayat l03)We cannot do anything,Only Allah Pak can do the affiars right but Allah Pak has commanded us to strive with correct intention.Our reward in Akhirah is sure even if we are not able to unite even two person as Allah Pak has promised to reward for good niyat.
Innamal Aamalu Binniyat (Bukhari)

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