Dr Zakir Naik:A request and appeal to not involve in controversies and concentrate on Islamic Dawah

This article should not be taken as criticism/mud slugging on zakir naik.

2.We appreciate Dr.zakir naik efforts on defending front of islam and in the field of comparative religion and Pray to Allah to give Barkah in his life and understanding.

3.It is our personal observation that Dr Zakir Naik remain best in the field of comparative religion and answering Islam.

But when he enters in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence/Ahadith knowledge he makes mistakes.

As zakir Naik Sb repeatedly say in his talks that he is not knowledgeable in all but you are a student of comparative religion and it is his field.So he should refrain from Fiqh Issue.
In 2010 peace conference Maulana Salman Hasni Nadvi adviced him on the same issue.  
1.Islamic Jurisprudence and Ahadith knowledge is very vast field itself  and chances of mistakes are too much.So please dont enter into it.

2. Whole Muslim Ummah appreciate Dr. zakir Naik Effort but when he enters in Jurisprudence (Hanafi,Shafaee,AHLE HADITH/Salafi etc........ issue) and goes against the established views of Quran Hadith interpretation , Surely some Muslims will oppose him.

3. This opposition will create confusion about Zkair Naik Arguements and competency and ability to derive from Quran And Ahadith  in the mind of Muslims/Non Muslims.

4 This opposition may not harm Dr.zakir Naik but but the cause of Muslim Ummah about Dawah work will be at loss.
So zakir Bhai  .......please....... please.... please the ummah from loss for the sake of Allah.

5.Only and only ummat/muslims will loss.Our duty to convey massage of Allah to all human being will loss.

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