Dr Zakir Naik controversy Ahle Hadith Barelvi Deobandi Salafi

Famous orator Dr Zakir Naik Sb is not in need of any introduction. Dr. Zakir Naik is known for his discussions and debates on comparative religions. He is a valuable asset of the Ummah. May Allah accept him and give him Long life.(Ameen).

At the same time There are some Hard Fact about him,

1. He does not care his words while talking on issues of difference of opinion among Scholars.

2. His Knowledge with respect to Quran & Hadith does not remain upto the mark. Many Mistakes he has done while dealing Fiqh issues.
3. Many a time he wrongly alleges some other Muslim organisation directly or indirectly without substance/ Ground information. 
4. He takes unjust attitude against Hanafi School of Fiqh (In india pakistan bangladesh 95% are Hnafi) so Majority of Muslims become angry from him. So He has been deeply dragged in Muslim group Controversy. ...Some Muslims demanding ban on him...some went to thank british official when he was denied visa of England.................
eg.Here two examples 1. Rafai Dain 2. Placing Hand in Prayer is being given 

 It has a very good discussion on the reason of increasing groupism among muslims. May Allah give Jaza to the writer. For detail check the campaign at

Similarly there are Hadith authenticated as sahih even by Nasiruddin Albani for not doing Rafae dain. Although it is very clear that doing rafa dain is also correct as other hadith point it. My point is that if both are correct according to Hadith then why zakir naik or anyone is claiming that only one is correct.(The Ahle Hadith/Slafi group has trust on Nasiruddin Albani, So I have given name of Nasiruddin Albani.)
Imam al-Nasa’i in his Sunan,proved Abrogation of Raf Ul Yadein
in his chapter called
باب الرخصة في ترك ذلك,,Which means: “Chapter in the dispensation in abandoning the Raful yadayn)
                                 Then he mentioned the following narration to support his chapter heading:
أخبرنا محمود بن غيلان المروزي قال حدثنا وكيع قال حدثنا سفيان عن عاصم بن
كليب عن عبد الرحمن بن الأسود عن علقمة عن عبد الله أنه قال ألا أصلي بكم صلاة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فصلى فلم يرفع يديه إلا مرة واحدة
Mahmud Bin Ghailaan al-Marwazi - Wakee’ - Sufyaan - Aasim Bin Kulaib - Abdur Rahmaan Bin al-Aswad - Alqamah - Abdullah (Bin Mas’ood): “Verily he said:
Should I not perform with you the Salaat of Rasulullah (Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim)?’
He then performed Salaat and he did not raise his hands except once.”
      (Nasaai chaptre no.642,hadith no.1061)                                                                   
This is a clear proof that Imam al-Nasa’i accepted the authenticity of the Ibn Mas’ud narration. and Also abrogation ofRaf ul Yadein

Scholars declaring the hadith on abrogation of Raf ul Yadein by Nisai (rah) Sahih,
Shaykh Ahmad Muhammad Shakir - who affirmed Raful yadayn,also declared the Hadith of ibn Mas’ud in his editing of Jami al-Tirmidhi - to be Sahih - and he also clarified that there is no hidden defect (Illa) in that narration as some of the Hadith scholars claimed in early times. He also affirmed it to be Sahih in line with ibn Hazm - while editing his Muhalla (4/88, Masa'il no. 442)
Nasir al-Albani (d. 1999) - an advocate of Raful yadayn - also declared the Hadith of ibn Mas’ud to be Sahih in at least 2 places: in his Tahqiq to Mishkat al-Masabih (1/254, no. 809, fn. 3) and in his "Sahih" Sunan Abu Dawud(1/143, no. 683)....
Another Example....... In one of his talk DR. Zakir Naik said.......
that Placing Hand on the chest is from Authentic Hadith. and rest all Positions are weak ............
But this was far from truth.
The Hadith for placing hand on chest from Wasil Ibne Hajar (R.A.) in Sahih Ibne Khuzaimah is weak(Zaeef) Hadith. Actually all the Ahadith for position of hand in prayer are weak. 
Following is Scholary discussion Taken from the book Fiqhal Imam on the Issue ...............................Ibne Qayyim al Jouzi r.a (the student of Imam Ibne Taimiyya R.A) has written in ZADUL MAAD that all the Ahadith for hand positions are Weak (Zaeef).In Abu Daood Shareef it is reported from Hazrat Ali that it is sunnat to place hand below navel.
So the point is placing hand 
1.On the chest 
2.Below the chest and 
3.Below nevel
all are from hadith but all hadith are weak. 
This is the reason that different Imams Based on their Principles of derivation of rule has differed on the issue  and it is their Ijtahad and Islam has allowed it.

BUT ALL Scholars ARE AGREED THAT other RULINGs AND POSITIONs ARE also CORRECT...........Imam Shafaee opinion is of placing below chest but when he visited Imam Abu Haneefa Place prayed according to Hanafi way of placing below nevel.
This is acceptable disagreement
Hadith in Bukhari Shareef (9:133)
“If the Hakim made his Ijtihad or the extraction of the verdict from original sources of legislation and he reached the correct verdict he will get two rewards. And if he reached the wrong verdict he will only get one reward.” 
Other evidence for this acceptable disagreement in Islam
Comes from a Hadith reported by Imams Bukhari and Muslim, in which Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) ordered his companions after the battle of Al-Ahzaab saying, “No one of you should pray Asr until you reach the village of Bani-Qurayzah (A Jewish tribe) .” While they were on their way, the time of Asr came. Some companions said we should not pray until we reach Bani-Qurayzah. Others said we should pray Asr now because the Prophet (S.A.W.) did not mean for us to leave the Asr prayer, but he wanted us to be in a hurry. So some of the companions prayed Asr , while others continued on until they reached Bani-Qurayzah after sunset. When they went back to the Prophet, they mentioned to him the story and he did not blame either one of them." This Hadith clearly shows us that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) accepted both opinions, because if one of them were wrong then the Prophet would have expressed it at that time.

Tragedy of Ummat e Muslima

 ....It is tragedy of ummah that controversy allegation/counter allegation has become part and parcel of all Muslim organisation /groups/ Scholars......................
No one even those organisation who dont want any controversy/ remain aloof from any groupism/bashing business 
e.g JAMAAT ISLAMI,Tablighi Jamaat even they are also dragged......................

Then HOW Dr. Zakir Naik who himself enter into well of controversy will be spared ????????

 Even recently one video on you tube has come in which zakir naik has been shown as victim and has been shown that he is being targetted by different muslim groups....Video is on this link
....Truly speaking everyone is suffering and considering theirself as victim and No one is approaching other to stop this campaign..............................

The Rahe Aitadal (Correct Path) for Dr. zakir  Naik Sb (A request for him) and for other Muslim organisation is well known that Dr zakir Naik is not a qualified ‘Alim . Islamic Science and Full knowledhe of Hadith needs full knowledge of Arabic Language, its grammer, its context and so on............ Therefore, his views and discussions regarding Islamic sciences such as fiqh and aqeedah have no merit whatsoever...............

2. He has made many mistakes whenever he enters into Islamic Law ............People have written full books in Urdu pointing his mistakes ...................The correct way was that they should approach Dr zakir Naik and should tell him for correction instead of publishing book...........

3.It is good for Muslim and for Islamic Dawah that he should come out of Groupism going among the Muslim..............Dr zakir Naik should focus on his field of comparative religion and leave other issues related to the Islamic sciences to the qualified ulema this was the quality of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat (Rahimahullah). 

4. All Muslims should co-operate with him for the work he is doing for propagation of Islam. As he accepted on the occasion on inaugral session of Mumbai urdu peace conference about one matter that it is his slip of tongue. It is better that he should come up with clarification on similar issues.Because many people with wrong motives are posting his videos under different headings on You Tube and indirectly taking his name for their malcompaighn.

5. Once he come with clarification on any issue that issue should be buried and should not be raised again.

Truly speaking everyone is suffering from this misinformation campaign. May Allah help us.

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